Cape Town’s caracals continue to enjoy the beautiful scenery. One was recently spotted on the hunt near Alexandra Dam on top of Table Mountain.

In a video shared to the Urban Caracal Project’s social media pages on Wednesday February 3, a caracal was spotted by early morning hikers chasing four klipspringer just above the water and successfully took down the smallest one.

“This is exciting for us, as we have not recorded a klipspringer kill before in our analysis of caracal scat and kill sites around the Cape Peninsula,” added the Project. “The most common antelope we’ve noted are the grysbok, which is a small antelope endemic to the Western Cape and bontebok, which are a lot larger and reside in the Cape Point section of Table Mountain National Park.”

Leanne Bryant, who took the videos, told the Urban Caral Project: “It was completely surreal. Absolutely amazing. The chase was phenomenal. Agile as it glided through the air and caught the small one on a sharp turn. The echo of the squeal across the water on a quiet morning was so loud.”

Picture: Screenshot from video

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