Road trips are one of the best ways to embrace traveling and see the world up close and personal. Piling your baggage in the car and getting your favourite people together for an adventure can be truly rewarding experience. One of the biggest challenges, however, is deciding where to go.

If you’re faced with this bump in the road, a recent list has named the world’s most coveted and scenic routes from America to Africa. Cape Town landed a spot on the list along with one other South African roadway.

If you haven’t already guessed it, Cape Town’s very own Chapman’s Peak Drive was named the 40th most scenic route in the world by Big 7 Travel.

Featured for “some of the most stunning views on the planet”, Chapman’s Peak is without a doubt a must-do drive even for those who live far from the Mother City.

With a winding road that overlooks the ocean along a picturesque cliff, this coveted drive offers a total of 114 twists and turns each more beautiful than the last.


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With bright blue skies overhead and turquoise waters below, its no mystery why our local favourite is internationally adored too.

The top 10 on the list are

1. Wild Atlantic Way – Ireland

2. Road To El Chalten – Argentina

3. Route 1 – Iceland

4. The North Yunhgas Road – Bolivia

5. The Romantic Road – Germany

6. Hai Van Pass – Vietnam

7. Route 66 – USA

8. Million Dollar Highway – Colorado, USA

9. Combe Laval – France

10. Paso De Los Caracoles – Chile/Argentina

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