DF Malan High School in Cape Town’s suburb of Belville has long been known for their amazing cheers, but a recent video capturing their out-of-this-world coordination during a cheering session has left locals stunned with pride.

During the cheering session, the pupils of the school put on an amazing show, working together in a crowd on the grandstand with perfect synchronisation.

In the video, the words “FD ON THE MOVE” and “GO” appear in the crowd in a magical and mesmerizing way as the students open and close their dark blazers to reveal white t-shirts underneath.

A group of students stand out in front of the larger crowd and direct the masterpiece, from here on a runway, school bus, a motorcycle, train, plane, boat and a car are displayed in the crowd along with a series of highly coordinated movement displays in an effort to amp up their sports team during the inter-school sports day.

As the performance goes on, it is clear that the students have spent a great deal of time preparing and rehearsing their cheers and you can’t help but feel impressed and proud of them as you watch. See the amazing video below:

Picture: Facebook/Bit-Media

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