This week saw people drawn to a wide variety of stories. From what felt like a wild goose chase for the truth about the ‘mother’ of the #Tembisa10, to the Marmite crisis in South Africa breaking our country’s hearts, here are the top 10 read stories by Cape {town} Etc this week.

10. Kicking the list off at number 10, we have the story of the young student who moved to another school after a Parow teacher allegedly called him an elephant. 

Parow teacher allegedly calls overweight boy an elephant

9. The goose chase heightened when Gosiame Sithole was a missing person case

‘Tembisa 10’ mother now a missing person case

8.But then she wasn’t actually missing?

Not missing, just mysterious- Mother of ‘Tembisa 10’ reaches out

7.These two flight attendants fell in love and started a gorgeous fashion label. The plot of Netflix’s next romantic film maybe?

The flight attendants who fell in love and made their story fashion

6.Gasant Abarder took us through a deep reflection on just how cruel some of the Cape Flats nicknames can actually be.

Welcome to the Cape Flats – home to the world’s cruellest nicknames

5. The story of  Fikile Cele, a Miss SA contestant whose life began in a box, outside a factory. 

Abandoned in a box as a baby to Miss SA dreams

4.The empowering story of Nothando Nyathi, the woman who decided that if she couldn’t afford luxury cakes, she could learn how to make them herself.

Let them eat cake! From domestic worker to cake boss

3.A 16-year-old teen in Cape Town was arrested on charges of kidnapping and alleged hijacking of a vehicle.

Cape Town teen faces charges of hijacking and alleged kidnapping

2.You thought the #Tembisa10 drama was over, didn’t you. The plot only thickened for the truth to be revealed. The 10 were never born.

Confirmed: #Tembisa10 are not real

1.And at number one, we have the top read story this week. It is the tale of the struggling soldier of our country, brother Marmite. 

Marmite crisis in South Africa, a chain reaction of chaos

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