The saying goes, “Dog is a man’s best friend”. However, sadly not all dog-lovers can enjoy the unconditional love of a pooch – disadvantaged persons are often unable to afford the costs that come with keeping one – veterinary bills and getting them vaccinated, for example.
Cape of Good Hope (CoGH) SPCA is raising proceeds for helping disadvantaged animals in dire need of veterinary attention.
According to CoGH SPCA spokesperson Belinda Abraham, “It is absolutely vital to have your pets vaccinated in order to protect them from potentially fatal diseases such as Canine Distemper or Parvo Virus. By assisting disadvantaged pets they receive much-needed vaccinations, we can help keep pets across the city healthy as they make use of public spaces.”
Abraham also notes the importance of microchipping your pet pooch: “There is a growing concern that when animals go missing they often end up at shelters with no means of locating their owner. We highly recommend the use of Identipet’s microchip technology as a proven means of keeping your pet safe should they go missing.
“What better gift to give one’s pet than a voice when they are lost?” says Identipet’s Angela O’Neale. “With the value-add of microchip TraceBack™, 24-hour database management, RapidAlert, and SOS alerts, the Identipet microchip system is a sure way to protect your pet and give them the love they deserve!”
The average cost for vaccination and microchipping ranges from R400 to R700. Full vaccination and micro-chipping on the day can be purchased for only R350. “We really appeal to Capetonians to purchase vouchers, helping to pay it to forward to disadvantaged pet owners in financial need, helping them have their beloved pets vaccinated and microchipped, says atFrits owner Yanic Klue. “This way, we can ensure that more dogs making use of public pet spaces are healthier and safer to be around each other – a win-win for all pet owners. A healthy animal means a healthy community,” says Klue.
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