Matroosberg Private Nature Reserve is a dream destination during the colder months in Cape Town. When the temperatures drop, the snow starts falling and the entire area is covered in pristine white snow.

Aside for visiting just to experience the snowfall, there are other activities to enjoy in the area.

Last week temperatures plummeted in the Cape and brought snowy splendor to areas including Matroosberg – and cold temperatures are expected again this week starting from Wednesday. SA Weather services said, “Currently there is an indication of a 30% possibility that it will rain (5 mm) in Cape Town on Thursday and Friday”.

Situated on the fully functioning Erfdeel farm, just two hours out of Cape Town, Matroosberg Private Nature Reserve is on a mission of conservation through utilization. Entry fee will cost you R55 per adult and R35 per child.

If fun in the snow sounds like your thing, here is our list of the top five things to do in Matroosberg Private Nature Reserve:


1. Frolic in the snow:

Well-known for being beautifully draped in white, whenever snow comes around, Matroosberg is a must-visit destination during these chilly times. One of the best ways to embrace the snow is enjoying it with a furry friend, like some of the visitors from this past weekend. Remember to dress warm and wear snow boots, beanies, gloves and several layers.



2. Snow Boarding

Steep slopes with unforgettable views are also on offer for more adventurous visitors.

Patrons are encouraged to bring along their own equipment and enjoy the mountain sides, from skiing to snow boarding or even sledding.

You can become a member of the South Africa Ski-Club and gain access to the ski lift during your visit.

3. Ice Climbing

Although conditions are not always ideal for ice climbing, this a rare and exciting activity and is also an option at Matroosberg.

Visitors with enough skill, know-how and gear can take to icy mountain side just 2 hours from Cape Town. Remember you must be experienced, this is an extreme sport in extreme weather conditions.


4. Take to the 4×4 Trail

Many memorable 4×4 trails await visitors at Matroosberg. The main trail is of average difficulty and takes you up to 2240m above sea level. The turning point is right at the Matroosberg Peak, the highest point in the Boland.  There is also a 7 km circular route at the top of the mountain taking you past spectacular rock formations. This route is more challenging and some would say more rewarding.

Taking to the track will cost you R250 for a vehicle, R55 per person, R35 children 3-13. Vehicles are not available for rent.


5. Enjoy a warm stay

Once your day of snow-filled adventure has tired you out, there’s no rest like rest in a warm wooden or stone cabin, accompanied by a cozy fire. Matroosberg has a large range of accommodation options to choose from, suited perfectly to the colder months in the Cape.

There are ten different accommodation options available. The most suited for colder weather being The Goatherds House, a 100-year-old stone home that can accommodate up to 6 people for up to R1300 per night and the Ski Hut, accommodating up to 20 people for R135 per person and R65 per child.


The Ski Hut
The Goatherds House

Contact: 023 312 2282

Address: Matroosberg, Breede River DC, 6849

Website: Matroosberg Private Nature Reserve

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