The Garden Route Dam reached 100% capacity on October 7, and is sustaining this well. Between October 28 and November 4, the region, located on the Cape’s southern coast, received 8mm of rain. The current usage in the area is at 32.958 megalitres.

Section 2b water restrictions still apply in the George area and its surrounds, and thus, the following rules apply:

–  Handheld watering of gardens using a hose using municipal water: even-numbered households Mondays and Thursdays, 7pm-9pm (summer) and 3pm-5pm (winter) AND uneven-numbered households Tuesdays and Fridays, 7pm-9pm (summer) and 3pm-5pm (winter).

–  Mechanical irrigation of gardens (sprayers) using municipal water is prohibited.

–  Watering sports fields using municipal water is prohibited, except for golf course greens, bowling greens and cricket pitches, daily 7pm-9pm (summer) and 3pm-5pm (winter).

– Filling up of swimming pools using municipal water is prohibited.

–  Washing cars with a hose using municipal water is prohibited (buckets allowed, rainwater encouraged), except for commercial car washes.

–  Cleaning of outside surfaces using a hosepipe with municipal water is prohibited (buckets allowed, rainwater encouraged).

–  “OWN WATER” signage must be displayed where applicable and must be proven on request by municipal officials.

–  Applications for exemption of some restrictions may be considered on merit.

Picture: George Travel Information

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Lucinda Dordley

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