Launched in 2019, a global private online high school called Valenture Institute will open campuses in Constantia, Newlands and Sandton.

The school takes a unique and holistic approach to education that integrates worldwide sustainability objectives and encourages the holistic development of every student towards their purposeful and impactful future. They are certified Carbon Neutral, and committed to minimising their environmental footprint.

According to the school, there is great need for an alternative learning environment that considers the current climate.

“COVID-19 is making the future happen faster – and we need to adapt for a world that blends the old with the new, geared towards a hybrid online collective for the world of today, and of tomorrow,” explains the school.

Their campuses will offer students a learning environment of the future in location-based hubs. Education is in the form of virtual learning and in-person support and experiences. Each campus can accommodate 60-80 students between Grades 8 and 12.

The Josephine Mill campus in Newlands. Image: supplied










Their curriculum aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and focuses on subjects ranging from Maths, English, Business, French, Social Studies & Sustainable Entrepreneurship, Physics to Chemistry, Biology and Geography.

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The boutique experience includes:

– ‍Weekly lectures presented by global experts from the likes of Oxford, NASA, Harvard, Google, Deloitte,  Stanford, & Y Combinator.

– Exclusive access to services and amenities like transfers, a grocery delivery service for households, a yoga studio, a gym and a production and recording space.

– Real-time COVID monitoring, including students temperatures and campus air-quality.

The annual fees are:

Year    Annual Fee
8    R 95,000 p/a
9    R 102,000 p/a
10    R 110,000 p/a
11    R 115,000 p/a
12    R 115,000 p/a
Note: This cost is over and above the yearly admission fee.
The school is offering a payment concession to alleviate school fee penalties in the transition to online learning and enrolling at the institute, as well as a fee discount on a case-by-case basis following successful admission to reduce financial burden.

Admissions for the campuses can be accessed here: Constantia, Newlands and Sandton.

Admission information and requirements are available online HERE.
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