People flocked to Marsh and Zietsman streets in Mossel Bay on Wednesday, November 11 because of the generosity of an anonymous benefactor.

The man, known simply as “The Guardian Angel”, donated R270 000 to the local Pep Store and made it clear the money was to be used by residents who are in need of clothing or any items in the shop, according to Algoa FM news.

The benefactor enjoyed a meal at a nearby restaurant so much that he wanted to express his gratitude by inviting the staff that served to select any items they wanted from the PEP Store, according to PEP marketing executive Beyers van der Merwe.

However, once everyone was in the shop, he extended his generosity to other shoppers as well. According to reports, the donor even went into the street and encouraged pedestrians to enter the store and shop on his dime.

“Understandably, this caused some security issues and the store had to be closed for a while,” said van der Merwe and according to Algoa FM, the police were summoned to the scene to maintain order.

Wednesday’s “Guardian Angel” paid for sales to the value of R192 500 and donated a further R77 500 to the PEP Lay-By Buddies programme, which allows people to anonymously help customers pay for the items that they have on lay-by.

PEP will match the R77 500 donation, according to Business Insider, and promised to settle all lay-bys that were made at the Mossel Bay shop before Thursday, November 12.

This is not the first time an incident has taken place at a Mossel Bay PEP store – in December 2019 a “Grateful Humanist” paid off 363 strangers’ lay-by bills and the total came to R337 000.

Picture: Screenshot from Google Street View

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