The City of Cape Town has announced that it will be moving the ‘My Clean Green Home‘ exhibition to the Vangate Mall. This comes after the exhibition had a successful 30-day run at the Green Point Urban Park, during which it was able to draw in thousands of visitors curious to see how sustainable living and design can be brought into their own homes.

Visitors will now be able to view the My Clean Green Home exhibition at the Vangate Mall, which will be displayed over the Easter Weekend until April 6, 2021.

We thank Vangate Mall for hosting our exhibition and for their commitment to walking the journey of climate action with the City. We also laud the design team, Team Mahali, for this future-fit concept that the City has been able to build and make a tangible example for Cape Town’s households, and across the country,” said the City’s MayCo Member for Energy and Climate Change, Phindile Maxiti.

The goal behind the My Clean Green Home exhibition is to show residents how they can make their homes more efficient and act to make sure their families, neighbourhoods and the city as a whole can become more sustainable going forward. One of the ways to achieve the goal of sustainability is to become a carbon-neutral city.

What is carbon neutrality? 

Carbon neutrality means introducing new technologies to completely clean up the fuels and activities that currently cause greenhouse gas emissions that lead to global warming, while enhancing our social, economic and environmental goals.

In support of the growing global momentum to tackle climate change, Cape Town, along with other cities in South Africa and worldwide, has committed to achieving carbon neutrality and climate resilience by 2050 to reduce global warming.

One of the main contributors to global warming is greenhouse gas emissions from manmade sources, including buildings and transport, so reducing emissions by changing the way we live, work and exist together is vital for all of us.

If you are unable to visit the My Clean Green Home exhibition in person, the City has also provided a virtual tour of the home that you can take from the comfort of your own home. The virtual tour or ‘digital walk’ through, as the City describes it, provides residents with the opportunity to learn about sustainable living.

Take a look inside My Clean Green Home by CLICKING HERE.

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