Azola Phaphu (6) from Gugulethu recently lost his mother. Ayanda Jongilanga Ndamane, a photographer from Africa News Agency, is seeking donations to help support him. Phaphu became famous when his picture was taken by Ndamane during protests in the township in 2018. He was captured mimicking a police officer with his gun.

Ndamane spoke to Cape Town Etc about Azola and said: “I met him in Gugulethu 3 years ago. I was covering a service delivery protest. His was a very brave young boy who passed stones and bullets to go and stand with Police Officers with his gun and uniform.”

In talking about Azola’s current living conditions, Ndamane said he is living with his aunt currently. “His mother’s sister is taking care of him. He needs all things that kids need because the family is struggling I’m also thinking of opening a trust for his education.”

He concluded: “I just can’t imagine a 6 year without a mother. My dream it’s to help him have a normal life.”

Ndamane is in the process of obtaining Azola’s birth certificate so that he can set up a government grant for the child. In the meantime he is pleading with the public for donations, food, clothes, shoes, and toys.

Azola wears a size 12 shoe and a boys size 6-7 in clothes. Bigger sizes will also help so that he has items to grow in to.

Ndamane is visiting Azola again on Sunday, where he will hand over any items he receives before then. Ndamane also wants to set up a trust of education fund in Azola’s name for his future academic career.

“He has nothing,” wrote Ndamane on Facebook. “Please help me help this boy with what ever we can to make his life as comfortable as possible.”

To help Azola, contact Ayanda Ndamane on Facebook here. Alternatively you can Whatsapp him on 084 360 0446.
Alternatively you can reach him on [email protected]
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Image: Facebook/ Ayanda Jongilanga Ndamane

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