World of Birds has received a recent influx of donations from corporations and members of the public who have dug deep into their pockets to save the abundance of wildlife housed at the sanctuary in Hout Bay.

World of Birds is aiming to raise R500 000 to maintain its daily operations and support their feathered friends, mammals and reptile species.

According to World of Birds Manager, Hendrik Louw, the sanctuary has increased its campaign towards raising enough funds but still requires more aid to afford their monthly costs of R700 000.

“It is currently standing on about R129 000 out of the R500 000 that we are asking for” he explained.

The campaign still requires a large sum of money to reach its goal, on 26 July the donations had amounted to R102 000 and hopes are high for the amount to increase.

Louw went on to explain that maintenance of the sanctuary was intended to be sourced from the entrance fee and attendance of visitors to the park.

“Our monthly expense is in the region R700 000 and this we need to generate out of the visitors and so whatever entrance fees are paid should distribute to this but they aren’t”

A recent large donation was made by Astral, a poultry production company, in order to aid in the feeding scheme for the World of Birds and has provided some alleviation to the current crisis the sanctuary is facing.

“A big sponsor, Astral has donated a R100 000 a month for the next 6 months towards the animal feed which currently costs R150 000 monthly and they are taking part of 2 thirds of this.”



Donations can be made via the Back a Buddy site, an online system that allows users to donate to the World of Birds organization.

The site can be visited here.

“Donations can be placed through the Back a Buddy system and will also go towards covering our overdraft facility that is standing at R800 000.”

Louw has encouraged the public to sponsor a project that it taking place at the park such as the revamp of an enclosures, like the recent meerkat enclosure improvements that will cost R25 000.

Materials used to rebuild or revamp animal and bird enclosures, such as poles, wires and cement are highly costly and the World Of Birds is welcoming individuals to donate any and all materials that could be of use.

Possible fundraising events may be on the cards for the sanctuary in order to increase donations and influx of visitors to the venue, eager supporters can offer aid by attending these events as well.


Bird Flu control

The current Bird Flu epidemic that the Western Cape avian species is facing is being adequately managed at the World of Birds Sanctuary. The virus means that all birds must not be removed from their areas and are under quarantine.

“The birds at our sanctuary are in quarantine for their own safety and none of birds at the sanctuary have the virus, ” said Louw.

Louw ensures the public that none of the birds at the park are suffering from the virus and that is it safe for humans to be in proximity.

“It does not affect the public and there are no cases of its spreading to people or any other mammal species as it is species specific.”

The Capetonian public is encouraged to visit the sanctuary and donate in order to maintain the home of these feathered friends and mammals of Hout Bay.

Picture: World of Birds/Facebook

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