Hint Hunt has taken Cape Town by storm, and is picking up in popularity across the city. We visited Hint Hunt Cape Town and we have to say, it exceeded all of our expectations. 

On arrival, we were greeted by two extremely friendly staff members who gave us a brief yet informative rundown of all the rules and information we needed before entering the rooms – with a dash of humour to lighten the mood.

After the briefing, we were split into our teams and led into the escape rooms. At this point, our game guide gave us a final briefing before leaving the room and locking us inside.

Essentially, we were told that the game involves being locked into a room as a team with a total of 60 minutes to solve the mysterious in the room and escape as a team. When the timer hits zero the game is over and if you haven’t solved the last clue to unlock the door, it’s game over.

We were lucky enough to have our end-year team building day at the Hint Hunt located at The Old Biscuit Mill. Here, locals can choose from two game or room options, namely the JM’s Office or the Zen Room. These two range in difficulty, with the Zen room being the most difficult and JM’s Office being the easier option.

The game itself was an absolute roller coaster ride of emotions! It starts with intense confusion in the first few minutes but is followed by small victory after small victory on the road to escape. Some of the clues were straight forward, while others required some time, teamwork and collective brainpower to solve.

Out of the two teams, only one managed to escape the room in the last few minutes. All in all, I must say it was super fun, realistic and challenging enough to keep all of us on our toes the entire time without getting bored or wanting to give up along the way. 

After the game our team had a mandatory group photo taken in front of the Hint Hunt sign which teams can find on their social media pages after the experience.

Hint Hunt’s Woodstock location is central and convenient for anyone in Cape Town to access, and there are plenty of places to grab a drink or a meal after at The Biscuit Mill as you leave.

Booking ahead of time is essential, as Hint Hunt is quite busy throughout the week.

It’s the perfect spot for a birthday or team building or even just a spontaneous adventure with your friends or family.

I will definitely be back for round two in a different room in the near future.

Contact: 021 448 9864

Address: A304, The Old Biscuit Mill, 375 Albert Rd, Woodstock, Cape Town, 7925

Website: https://hinthunt.com/en/south-africa

Picture: Facebook

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