When local Brandon Britz went shopping for groceries one day he never thought he would witness a true act of kindness and selflessness that would renew his faith in humanity and meet an everyday hero.

On July 3, Britz when to Food Lovers Market in Somerset West to purchase his monthly groceries, but when he tried to pay for his groceries, which came to a total of R1 300, his card was declined.

He tried again and again but the result was the same. Nolitha, the cashier who helped Britz, was patient and understanding throughout the experience, and Britz asked her if she could wait for him to draw the money at the nearest ATM.

Britz returned unsuccessful as the ATM also wouldn’t allow him to draw the money he needed. In desperation, Britz attempted to transfer money to a friend and draw it from his card but he kept receiving the same error message and eventually had no choice but to give up.

When he returned to let Nolitha know that he would not be taking the groceries, she saw his frustration and decided to help him out of the kindness of her heart.

Nolitha offered to pay the full amount for his groceries from her own pocket and simply asked that Britz repay her in the morning.

Britz was moved by the offer, overwhelmed by Nolitha’s kindness to him as a stranger.

“Then the superhero cashier named Nolitha said she would pay the full amount for us if we could come and pay her in the morning!” said Britz.

He thanked her profusely and left her with his contact details before leaving with his groceries. The next day he returned to pay her back but could not help but feel as though he owed her more for her selfless act.

Britz immediately contacted Buckabuddy to attempt to pay Nolitha back for her kindness.

“This goes to show that there are great people out there and I would like to pay it forward by starting a donation for her! My goal is to get roughly a monthly salary for her which is R6 000 I have donated R1 000 of my money and I’m sure she would appreciate any small donations, she is a true SA Hero and I hope she becomes famous!” said Britz on Nolitha’s Backabuddy page.

You can donate to this Capetonian everyday hero here.

Pictures: Brandon Britz

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