Its nearly Easter, and what better way to enjoy the upcoming weekend than with a family trip away?

If you’re struggling to find any last minute accommodation, make use of an online site such as Airbnb, where you will be spoilt for choice.

It is a good idea to search for a house where you will find a back and front yard big enough to entertain the kids (or even adults) with an Easter egg hunt.

Here are ideas on how to keep your Easter egg hunt interesting:


Instead of chocolate eggs, use parboiled or plastic hollow eggs for the hunt. If you don’t fancy kids on a sugar rush, you can divvy up prizes according to egg colour.


Raise the stakes by planting a single gold egg, and award an extra egg to whomever finds the coveted egg.


Simply finding hidden chocolate eggs may seem too simple for some. Make the hunt more fun for kids by giving them a checklist of things to do and find as they hunt.


To keep the kids busy as you enjoy your weekend away, have them decorate the bags or baskets they will be using. This will add an extra element of excitement for the little ones, and also afford you some time to relax.


This makes things much more interesting. If the kids are old enough, use riddles to add an extra twist to your traditional egg hunt. Try a few of the following:

– “If you’re in a hungry mood, go here first to find some food.”

– “The next clue’s hiding place rhymes with chairs, why don’t you look under the ______.”

– “I rain on you when you need a scrub, I’m very much like my friend the tub.”

–  “It’s short and green and rhymes with glass, you’ll find your next clue on the ______.”

Take a look at a few of these properties right here in the Western Cape to see whether these may fit your Easter family holiday needs.

This one in Hermanus is perfectly suited to a small family, and the garden is an ideal place to host an Easter hunt.

This home is perfectly suited to a small family.
(Source: Airbnb)

If you enjoy nature and the great outdoors, take a look at this Kalahari sanctuary far away from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

This Kalahari cottage is perfect for rest and relaxation.
(Source: Airbnb)

If you fancy a stay in the Winelands, then how about Stellenbosch cottage on a private vineyard? Hide the eggs in the garden and while you enjoy life on a boutique wine farm.


This Stellenbosch is perfect for a family weekend away
(Source: Airbnb)


Picture: Pixabay

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