A team of designers and florists decided to brighten up spirits in Paarl by “flowerbombing” the Huis Vergenoegd Old Age Home.

With 600 donated flowers from the Adene’s Flower farm which included dahlias, lisianthus, amaranthus and garden roses, a few top florists made up the team that built beautiful floral arches at the front of the old age home.

The flowers donated were those that were meant to be decorating weddings during this busy wedding season. But since the COVID-19 outbreak in the country, these weddings have since all been cancelled or postponed.

According to Adene’s Facebook page, the old age home has been on lockdown since mid-March already.

“But they were allowed to come out onto the empty sidewalk, smell the roses. We had so many tannies and ooms crying because it was so beautiful. We had cars hooting, many to all necks turning, pedestrians & passersby stopping – these flowers bought so much joy!”

According to N Concept and Designs, the design company involved in creating the structures, they will need to be taken down by this evening [26 March].

“Paarl residents that are in the area, are more then welcome to fetch yourself some flowers to brighten up your homes, but ONLY FROM 3-5pm,” they said on Facebook.

Images: Adene’s Flower Farm/ Twitter


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