A man that many are calling a “national hero” has caught the eye of South Africans across the country with his unique method of dealing with people in his neighbourhood who leave home for non-essential things.

This vigilante of sorts, reportedly from the Western Cape, decided to take the law into his own hands and help enforce the lockdown rules in his area.

He spends his lockdown time waiting inside his yard and watching the streets to see if children are playing outside when they shouldn’t be.

If he spots someone who has left their home and does not appear to be going to do essential shopping, he takes aim. But he does not shoot people with the marbles, instead this good Samaritan rather uses the slingshot or “kettie” to scare passersby so they run back inside to avoid being shot.

Many residents have been enforcing the lockdown in their own ways either by reporting those who disregard it or appealing to the community to stick to the rules.

Much debate as to whether the “national hero” is in the right or the wrong has sparked since pictures of his routine made it online.

Some say South Africa needs more people like him and others feel he is reacting harshly and could hurt someone. What do you think?

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