Whale season is in full swing in the Western Cape. A trio of Orcas were spotted on the hunt on Saturday [September 19], and one showed off with its breaching skills.

In a video captured by Dave Hurwitz of Simon’s Town Boating Company, two male orcas and a sub-adult female made an appearance in the waters. The weekend before, Port and Starboard were spotted on the hunt.

“Following reports of whale activity in the bay about 2 miles east of the harbour, we headed in that direction expecting humpback whales which have been prolific in the bay for the past few months. As we approached, to much tail slapping and splashes and took our first look at the commotion, we could hardly believe our eyes – Orcas… two Saturdays in a row!” writes the boating company.

It is suspected the orcas were hunting for Maasbanker (Atlantic horse mackerel) as there have been quite a few spotted recently, and there were also many gulls hovering above picking up leftovers.

“Just watching them hunting would have been just perfect, but then one of the pod threw in a number of spectacular breaches right alongside us – and we were on cloud nine!”

“Our guests would have been more than content had we returned to port, but with time on our hands we headed further east towards Seal Island and added a feeding group of about 8 humpback whales to our sighting list for the day.”

Picture: screenshot from video

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