On Sunday, [April 26] the Simon’s Town Boat Company reported that a pod of orcas were spotted in False Bay. According to a Facebook post there were between 6 and 7 animals.

Dave Hurwitz of The Simon’s Town Boat Company said that this is not the first time that this specific pod has been sighted.

In the Facebook post the company wrote: “How fortunate we were to be hired by a media house with the necessary ES permits, to get out & report on the sighting..
There were 6, possibly 7 animals foraging in the deeper waters in Buffels Bay. One Male, 3 or 4 females and 2 calfs (one very young).

“We’re not sure what they were targeting, but there were many seals & birds around. Again, as we’ve noticed before, the seals weren’t the slightest bit afraid of the killer whales and they showed no interest in them (luckily).

“We spent a few hours with them, of which they spent little time on the surface. On a few occasions we thought that they had given us the slip, but then re-appeared a distance away. The highlight was the little calf who entertained us with a few beautiful breaches.”

Take a look at the spectacular sighting below.


Images: David Hurwitz


Article written by

Imogen Searra