There are some stories that renew our faith in humanity, one being that of a driver named Monet van Deventer, who stopped at a Cape petrol station to fill her car only to realise she had forgotten her card at home, and a nearby petrol attendant who turned out to be Deventer’s guardian angel in disguise.

Early in the morning on Thursday May 30, Deventer was on her way into Cape Town and stopped at a petrol station to fill up her tank when she realised she had forgotten her card at home.

Dismayed, Deventer told the attendant who was helping her that she would not be able to fill up. Seeing her distress, the attendant, Nkosikho, offered to pay R100 worth of petrol so she would at least be able to reach her destination.

Nkosikho, who helped Deventer reach her destination.

Deventer says Nkosikho told her, “Ma’am you can’t run out of petrol on the N2. I’ll throw in R100 and then you can just bring back my R100 whenever you are near again.”

Deventer was touched by the selfless offer. Nkosikho did not ask for her number or any insurance that she would bring the money back to him, he just asked her to drive safely.

Later, Deventer travelled back to the same station to thank the man and give him his money back, she asked him why he had helped her and trusted that she would bring his money back to him.

Nkosikho just replied, “Ma’am I am a believer.”

It was a simple act of kindness but meaningful enough to leave a lasting impression not only on Deventer but on South Africans across the country.

“Thank you Nkosikho for your beautiful heart. You have given me hope for our country today. May Jesus bless your life!” said Deventer in a post on social media.


Picture: Facebook/Monet van Devente

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