The coronavirus pandemic has put companies and individuals across the globe in dire situations. As South Africa heads into a nationwide lockdown, local NGO Pit Pals is asking for help to keep the dogs in their care healthy and pay their rent.

Pit Pals is made up of an inspirational group of people who work tirelessly to prove that power breeds like pit bulls are not violent and unsafe. Over the years they have housed and cared for hundreds of these misunderstood dog breeds, as well as rehabilitating them and finding them their new forever homes.

A rescue puppy in Pit Pals’ care.

“We know that the coming weeks/months are going to be incredibly difficult for all of us. We are asking our followers if they could please spare R5,00 each, as in this way the burden is shared,” said Pit Pals in a Facebook post.

As the lockdown is in place, a number of staff have selflessly decided to spend their 21 days with animals in need on the Pit Pals farm.

Three caring members from the Pit Pals team – Aaron, Joseph and James – will be caring for the dogs over the lockdown days and Pit Pals paid their salary with money they would usually use for rent.

“We couldn’t let them go without a salary, it’s just not who we are and not what we do! So today we had to pay their salaries for the three upcoming weeks, and sadly had to use the money we set aside for rent. These guys work tirelessly for the wellbeing of our dogs, always give of their best and are always coming up with ideas on how to improve the shelter and the lives of our rescues. They love each one as if they were their own,” said Pit Pals in a Facebook post.

Pit Pals is asking that supporters donate just R5 to help them pay their rent and survive the lockdown. It may be a small amount, but if roughly 5000 people donate each, they will reach their target of R22 000.

See the awesome work that Pit Pals does below:

Those willing to donate can use the banking details below.

Pit Pals
FNB Account # 62631950682
Branch Code: 254005
Ref: Lockdown

Pictures: Facebook/Pit Pals

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