We are all more stressed and busier than ever. Sanity Sessions are 5 minute breaks in the form of guided movement and meditation videos that give you the opportunity to pause during your day and reconnect with yourself.

Sanity Sessions are an easy and cost-effective way to learn tools and techniques that empower you to not just cope with your busy and stressful modern life, but to thrive. Every weekday you’ll receive two five minutes videos, one taking you through a gentle movement session and one guiding you through a short meditation. These sessions are designed for beginners and you can do them anytime, wherever you want to – you don’t even need a yoga mat. Week one is completely free of charge, with no obligations or strings attached.

Issues stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic like economic worries, isolation and uncertainty have put people under huge amounts of stress, seriously impacting their well-being. Sanity Session founders Helen Ludwig and Mimi Cooper both recognise the importance of finding time to reconnect with yourself to improve your resilience.

Helen holds a Bachelor of Holistic Health and is a registered Yoga Teacher. She has also spent almost two decades working at a senior level in the fast paced world of communication, as a strategist and business leader. She has learnt first-hand the power these practices have to restore balance, build resilience and unleash our full potential. Mimi, a certified meditation teacher, with experience working with groups, individuals and in corporate environments, has noticed how self care often takes a backseat, especially during tough times, when it’s needed most.

“We wanted to make simple movement and meditation techniques more accessible,” said Mimi. “We know that people find it hard to find time for themselves, and our new ways of living and working have changed our normal routines drastically. Our flexible programme makes it easier for even the busiest person to pause during their day.”

The first week of Sanity Sessions focuses on techniques to help you calm and ground yourself. To find out more and sign up for a free week of Sanity Sessions visit www.sanitysessions.life

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