Inspired by the pasta eateries that scatter Europe, Scala Pasta Bar in Church Street embodies the spirit of Italy.

Its classification as a pasta bar and not a pasta restaurant is tied to their tapa-style menu. Small plates of antipasti and pasta shared amongst friends and family underpins the Scala food philosophy.

The menu is the product of a collaborative effort by chef Luciano Monosilio and executive chef Justin Barker. Chef Barker supervises kitchen operations, and the restaurant’s open plan design allows diners to witness the pasta-factory in action. One type of pasta is made using egg and flour, another with double-zero flour and a third with semolina.

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To start off the evening, a cocktail please. Shaken or stirred on a marbled bar-top, enjoy modern twists on timeless favourites like negronis, old fashioneds and elderflower spritzes. If hard spirits are not to your taste, a selection of wines are available too.

The cherry americano. Picture: Supplied.

The menu is restrained but diverse, with antipasti to start and pastas with unique sauces to follow. It is advised to order two or more small plates of antipasti and two pastas to share between couples. This way you get to experience all of Scala’s distinctive flavours, allowing for the complete taste, texture, smell and sight experience.

The bruschetta potato focaccia, burrata, stewed beef meatballs and prawns crudo.
Pappardelle chicken ragu. Picture: Supplied.

For dessert, tiramisu should be mandatory. You have to crack through the tempered chocolate layer and observe as the espresso oozes. The second dessert option is equally good, a vanilla custard millefoglie, layered with dark chocolate and candied almonds. You might not be able to pronounce it, but you definitely will enjoy it.

Millefoglie, dark chocolate and vanilla custard, candied almonds. Picture: Supplied.

Reserve a table, order with curious tastebuds and plunge waist-deep into delizioso Italy!


  • Location: 81 Church Street, Heritage Square, Cape Town.
  • Hours: 12.30 pm to 10.30 pm | Closed on Sundays
  • Bookings: 021 424 7204

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Picture: @scalapastabar / Facebook.

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