The Mother City has some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and shorelines as well as the most Blue Flag beaches in the country, and as the years have gone by our pristine shores have stayed as beautiful as ever.

If you don’t believe us, why not judge for yourself:

Rocklands Beach, Sea Point years ago.

Fish Hoek, Clovelly back in the days of black and white photography.

A picturesque perspective over Llandudno in 1959

Far less built-up than nowadays, this is how Clifton beach looked in 1934.

Cape Town Harbour in 1959 featuring our majestic mountain.

Table Bay on a beautiful spring day in 1960.

Flamingo Vlei, almost untouched, back in 1954.

Pictures: Facebook/Cape Town Down Memory Lane

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Aimee Pace

Aimee is an avid gamer, enthusiastic yogi and animal lover. Addicted to anime, coffee and plant-based meals. Current favourite pastimes include, sewing and learning Japanese.