The Station on Bree has stood the test of time, growing and adapting to become one of Cape Town’s most eccentric eateries. One foot through the door and you’re swiftly teleported to the hustling and bustling London Underground.

Decked out from ceiling to floorboard in full Tube vibes, The Station on Bree is an epic place to be. The atmosphere is unpretentious and authentic, and the staff are friendly.

There are nods to Cape Town throughout the establishment to ensure guests don’t entirely forget where they are.

Map of the London Underground. Image: Imogen Searra

This rings true with the exceptional bar, stocked with over 119 gins. Most of South Africa’s craft gin scene can be found here. Support your local gin crafters and try the Blind Tiger.

When you feel like transporting your pallets to the spice route, opt for an Opihr G&T with fresh chilli and ginger.

Above the bar at The Station on Bree, where you will find 119 gins. Image: Imogen Searra

The fun continues when it comes to ordering food. The menu is tongue-in-cheek, with dishes like the Piccadilly Nachos Cheesy Burger, Abbey Road Poppers (voted the best in Cape Town) and Kingston Calamari.

The District Six Chilli Poppers and vegetable Springroll Surprise. Image: Imogen Searra

For the vegetarians, I highly recommend the delectable District Six Poppers, the Springroll Surprise, the Parmesan and Truffle fries and the Station Schwarma (falafel, of course).

The Piccadilly Nachos Cheesy Burger and Station Schwarma. Image: Imogen Searra

The Station on Bree has a secret compartment, located downstairs from the restaurant. It is a room that resembles an old train carriage, and is perfect for private functions. Once there, venture across to the (literal) underground bathrooms that hold true to the theme. The overhead speakers will inform you which platform you’re about to arrive at.

I was lucky enough to have seen the final show of the XTremes, who performed at The Station on Bree every Thursday for Women’s Month. Their incredible performance added to the unique experience that this restaurant has to offer.

The final performance of The XTremes at The Station on Bree. Image: Imogen Searra

If you haven’t eaten here yet, you need to make yourself a reservation.

Call +27 21 422 0566 or check out their website here.

Address: 207 Bree Street, Cape Town, South Africa
Cape Town
8275 miles from Picadilly Station

Picture: Instagram

Article written by

Imogen Searra