A new initiative by Cadbury is encouraging locals to give back this winter by donating old toys in exchange for a reward of chocolate.

There are millions of disadvantaged or orphaned children in South Africa who do not have the luxury of having a toy to play with but this year residents will be helping Cadbury Dairy Milk to show these children they are cared about and giving them the gift of kindness and love in the form of a toy.

Locals across the Mother City are invited to visit The Little Generosity Shop, which will be set up in Canal Walk Shopping Centre, Centre Court, from July 19 to August 5.

For every toy a participant donates they receive a chocolate from the pop-up shop courtesy of Cadbury, however each participant is limited to five Cadbury Dairy Milk 80g chocolate bars per donation.

Read more about Cadbury’s Initiative to give back here.

Picture: Cadbury

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