French King Louis XIV reigned for 72 years – the longest of any monarch in European history. It’s a long life of leisure, even for a king. So, to make his royal reign more bearable he built the Château de Marly – a 17th century royal residence that was Louis XIV’s escape from the hustle and bustle of the Versailles palace next door – away from prying eyes and royal protocol. It was a holiday home, on another level.

The Marly Boutique Hotel and Spa in Camps Bay takes its inspiration from the legendary château in France. With immaculate views of Camps Bay beach, the Twelve Apostles and Lion’s Head the hotel is hidden in plain sight. As traffic on the busy strip grinds to a halt below and holiday-makers prowl the streets, the Marly stands as an oasis for weary travelers in need of some pampering.

Views from the Marly Boutique Hotel and Spa.

The boutique hotel is blessed with the ideal location. There are few things more magical than a Camps Bay sunset, and the Marly is the perfect place to savour the moment in style.

Stride upstairs to the pool deck at Baptiste with a glass of bubbly in your hand, and gaze out on the ocean as the sunset uses it as a canvas. It’s these dreamy moments that the Marly Hotel seems to enhance with its appreciation of time and space.

Lounge in the pool or sun on the deck, there are very few places in Cape Town with this view.

Baptiste Bar on the rooftop is the newest addition.

The Marly is the perfect luxury nest, equipped with all the trappings in elegantly-styled rooms. They are large enough to feel free and inviting enough to feel cosy. Outside you’ll find sun loungers from which to worship that giant fireball in the sky or the turquoise ocean from the privacy of your own balcony. The decor is primarily white with grey accents and light wood. A feature grey and white mottled wall extends from behind the headboard all the way across the ceiling. It adds a unique element to the decor and is carried through to the tiling in the bathroom. A rain shower will wash all your stress away after a tiresome afternoon of poolside fun.

Sea-facing rooms at The Marly.

The bed and bathroom are world-class and so luxurious they will make you feel a little unworthy of such comforts. After a 5-month renovation and the addition of an entire new level the hotel capacity has more than doubled in size. An extra 27 suites was added to the previous 11 and with more space to play with, Baptiste was born.

The spa facility at the Marly is a must, because when you are living like royalty, you must indulge, indulge, indulge. And who are we mere mortals to say no to a de-stressing back massage? Choose between six Unzented fragrances to inhale to complete your experience of total relaxation. Soothing lighting and the background sound of nature will keep you fluttering in and out of consciousness while your muscles exhale. There are many treatments to chose from, and something fit for every king or queen.

The Spa facilities at the Marly is highly recommended.

Dinner options are too many to choose from. There is quite literally every type of cuisine within walking distance. Bilboa, Zenzero and Paranga, are favoured restaurants not just for their food but for their amazing cocktails too.

Surf Shack was our restaurant of choice, and if you’ve been you will know, the food is exceptional. Their seafood dishes are fresh and indulgent, and their vegetarian options likewise. No heavy sauces or frills or fuss, just real great food, prepared to make their authentic flavours shine. Their crispy curly corn on the cob is something you have probably never tasted before and will keep you coming back for more. I am salivating just thinking about it.

The crispy curly corn on the cob is exceptionally good.

If you’re in the mood for something with a little more vibe, try Chinchilla, a lounge and restaurant with some chilled beats to keep pace with your cocktails.

The best way to describe what the Kove Collection have created with the The Marly is a world within a world – a world class boutique hotel on a world-famous strip of beach where millions of people from all over the world travel to every year.

The mountain-facing rooms.

Louis XIV’s Chateu de Marly no longer exists in the way that it did in the 17th century – but its spirit lives on in the luxury of The Marly.

Contact: +27 (0) 21 437 1287
Address: 201 The Promenade, Victoria Road, Camps Bay

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