The Westin Cape Town commemorated Global Running Day to signify its dedication to encouraging South Africans to maintain a healthy lifestyle. What better way to do this than a 5 km run around the Silo District, getting a view of some of the Mother City’s magnificent artwork.

Located in the stylish Foreshore District, The Westin has three wellness pillars: EatWell, SleepWell and MoveWell. Each pillar is indicative of the way this hotel promotes a balanced lifestyle for its guests.

The spacious suites provide a peaceful haven within the heart of Cape Town. The newly-renovated Executive suites are designed to make you feel at home, with all the creature comforts you could ask for. Close attention to modern, chic detail emanates from the hotel’s suave decor.

EatWell encourages guests to feast on food that is at once nourishing, wholesome and, of course, delicious. I opted for a vegetarian pasta with a side salad, carbo-loading for the next day’s running excursion.

SleepWell is an inevitable and incredibly enjoyable part of the stay, the beds are designed to support your body while providing optimal comfort and cosiness. A peaceful sleep was the perfect way to end the day, and vital for recharging my batteries.

MoveWell was how we celebrated Global Running Day. With a knowledgeable and informative guide, we set off from the Westin Hotel to explore the Silo District on foot.

Along the way we took in some of Cape Town’s best-kept secrets.

‘Human Sculptures’ by Egon Tania
‘Ghost Sharks’ by Ralph Borland
‘Non-Violence’ by Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd

A morning exploring the Silo District is not complete without some breathtaking views of the iconic Table Mountain.

In celebrating Global Running Day, The Westin Cape Town perfectly lived up to its mission of promoting well-being. If you’re looking for an inner-city escape, The Westin will ensure that the balance of your life does not unravel just because you’re on holiday.

Pictures: Imogen Searra

Article written by

Imogen Searra