Parts of the Western Cape have been subjected to heavy torrential rains over the past week, and luckily, this has proved advantageous for the Theewaterskloof dam. The province’s largest dam has surpassed the 90% full mark.

“As of today [Thursday, September 3], the Western Cape’s largest dam is 90.3% full and I’m expecting that number to increase as all of the rain and snow that we have had over the past week finds its way to the dam,” said Neil, a spokesperson who posted to the Theewaterskloof Sports Club’s Facebook page.

“With all of the Spring flowers in bloom the area is really pretty at the moment and with warmer weather predicted over the weekend, it is well worth a visit.”

During the Cape Town water crisis when everyone dreaded the imminent threat that the Mother city would run out of water, the Theewaterskloof dam was one of the driest and most depleted. Water levels had sunk so low that it was possible to stand on the dam bed and be dry as a bone – there was simply no water.

Here are some pictures of the dam today, in comparison to when it was nearing depletion point in 2017:

Theewaterskloof dam levels rise past 90% mark
The Theewaterskloof dam in 2017 (Source: City of Cape Town)
Theewaterskloof dam levels rise past 90% mark
The Theewaterskloof dam in 2020 (Source: Theewaterskloof Sports Club)

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Picture: Theewaterskloof Sports Club

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