Every year January feels as though it could be a whole year on its own and as we all struggle through the lack of funds along with the weight we picked up over the festive season. One comforting thing is that we’re struggling together.

So before Januworry hits you too hard, take a look at these hilarious tips from Twitter that you can not only laugh at but relate to as well, and if you’re lucky they just might help you survive the toughest month of the year.

1. Pay your bills in half and half, some in cash and the rest on your card.

2. Reuse your tea bags – tea may be cheaper than most things but you can’t afford anything so just do it.

3. Make your leftovers go a long way.

4. Sell your extra alcohol, if you bought more than you could drink this festive season find a few buyers.

5. If you’re interrupted during a meal just pretend like you’re washing your fridge.

6. Become a vegetarian because you can’t afford meat.

7. Find things in your house that you can sell… Even if you clearly still need them, desperate times call for desperate measures.

8. Need to bake a cake for a January baby? Get creative.

9. Keep your condiments and toiletries upside down for maximum use.

10. Take up fasting even if you’re not particularly religious, lets face it, you don’t have a choice.

11. Don’t think about ATMs.

12. Stock up on eggs, they’re cheap and nutritious.

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