When Mohammed Iqbal Kasker ran out of petrol on the Koeberg Interchange towards the N1, he never thought he would have his faith in the future of the police force renewed until a young man drove up beside him.

In peak traffic at 12.45pm, Kasker was stuck and didn’t know what to do.

“I’m stuck in the right lane. Traffic is bumper to bumper and It’s about 12.45pm. I’m on my way home. I tried starting the car and I immediately knew I’m in trouble. Hazards on, I can’t move. The yellow line and safe area are on the left. I had to get out and indicate to the cars behind me that I’m stuck,” says Kasker.

It was then that Kasker’s distress melted away as a friendly face pulled up beside him on a motorbike and took control of the situation.

“Good afternoon, sir. I’m a student Metro Police officer. I’m here to assist you,” the cheerful man said.

Kasker felt like breaking into prayer and couldn’t help but feel overjoyed at the young gentleman’s arrival.

“All I can think is ‘Alghamdulila’. Another guy in a bakkie also stopped and pushed my car to the left lane so that my car and I was safe in the yellow lane. That’s half the story… Now I need petrol,” adds Kasker.

A whole new struggle had begun as Kasker realised he was in need of petrol but didn’t have any money on him to buy it or any way of getting to the petrol station.

“Getting stuck on that bridge is so awkward and the garages are so far away. I asked the officer if he could assist me by getting me petrol. Without hesitation, he agreed. I took out my wallet and guess what. NO CASH. I was already embarrassed that I stuck without petrol and now I don’t have cash on me,” says Kasker.

Even without a cent in his wallet, somehow he knew he was in good hands and let the capable young man look after him.

“I just had this good feeling about this officer. I even offered to give him my card to get Petrol. All he said was ‘Uncle, don’t worry. I will sort it out for you’. And he left,” says Kasker.

Pieter Terblanche.

The help could not have come sooner as the temperature reached 35°C and the officer had to travel 25 minutes to get the petrol and come back.

“He had to go to Canal Walk to get petrol. He came with a 5l can of petrol and an ice-cold Coke for uncle. Remember, I didn’t give him money. We threw in petrol and the car started immediately. I asked him to follow me to the nearest ATM so that I could make good. He said, ‘Uncle don’t worry’,” recounts Kasker.

Kasker shared his story on Facebook in the hopes that his hero would see it and be recognised for his selfless actions.

“His name is Pieter Terblanche, a Metro Police student. Their training school is in Observatory. He was busy with his tactical training in Lakeside and he requested to leave early as he needed to attend to personal business. His wife was waiting for him, but he stopped to assist me first. I decided to post this because I had to tell people this story. Most people only post negative stories especially when it comes to ‘cops’. Once again, thank you Pieter Terblanche,” ends Kasker.

With so much negative things going on in South Africa and Cape Town at the moment especially when it comes to the justice system and police service, it is good to know that there are young men out there like Pieter, who put others first and take their duty seriously no matter the circumstances. The future of our country might not be so bad if people like Pieter have anything to do with it.

Picture: Facebook/Mohammed Iqbal Kasker

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