Don’t get too comfortable with the warm weather since Thursday, another cold front is approaching and will bring showers of rain with it when it makes landfall on Saturday.  A satellite image shared by Storm Report SA shows a cold front taking shape around the Western Cape.

What a spectacular satellite image we have tonight! Another cold front heading towards the country this weekend.

Temperatures are expected to start rising from tomorrow.

Have a good evening!

Posted by Storm Report SA on Thursday, 3 September 2020

More rainfall is predicted for Saturday, September 5, with a high of 14°C and a low of 11°C. shows there is a 70% chance of rain, starting with steady falls in the morning and scattered showers continuing into the afternoon. South-easterly winds will blow at 25-40km/h.

According to forecaster Mike Berridge: “In the south-west we see the approach of a mid-latitude cyclone TROUGH “LK” containing a strong cold front “F7”. There is a weaker PRE-FRONT “Fp7” which will maintain cool conditions along the Cape west coast. In the southern Cape coastal regions, the trough will enforce a hot berg wind situation in the north-eastern corner of the trough. The hot zone is marked with orange shading and red wind arrows.

“Rising pressure in the Atlantic Ocean will cause the trough to become narrowed when the main front “F7″ makes landfall early on Saturday. There is plenty of moisture around, so on that day scattered rain will commence across almost the entire Cape, as well as south Namibia. Temperatures will become cold in the rain. No gale force winds can be foreseen.”

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