The chill in the air is a good indicator of snow on the mountains in the Western Cape. It is snowing in Matroosberg, so if you want to get out and catch some of the excitement, today is the day.

In an updated Facebook post on Saturday morning, Matroosberg Nature Reserve announced it was still snowing on the 4×4 trail, so those headed up are in for an adventure. Hikers are also in for a treat at the foot of the mountain.

The gates close at 11am for 4×4 vehicles and there appears to be a long queue of vehicles waiting to enter the reserve, as seen in a picture taken on the Facebook thread. The reserve did say in their comments that they close at 4pm and only allow hikers into the reserve until 3pm. There is snow at the foot of the mountain which can be reached with a normal car.

In a further update, Matroosberg Nature said the 4×4 trail is not open all the way to the top and the queues are very long.

“If you are not able to make it to us in time for the 4×4 trail due to the long ques, we’ll let you in to play in snow without going up on the 4×4 trail. It is still snowing in the mountain to chances that you”ll be able to see snow is great,” the post read.



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Picture: Pexels

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