The dams that supply Cape Town with water are at 51,3% storage capacity, and may increase slightly on Thursday if the predicted rain materialises.

According to the SA Weather Service, there is an 80% prediction of rainfall on Thursday in Cape Town. Temperatures for the rest of the week are in the mid to lower 20’s.

Thursday’s temperature will drop slightly to 21°C and 3mm of rain is expected to fall. Temperatures are already beginning to cool down as we head toward Autumn.

According to the City of Cape Town, the collective water consumption at the last reading a week ago increased to 610-million litres per day.

Residents, however, are doing well to remain within the target of 650-million litres of collective usage per day. This will help the City’s dams to recover and to build a solid foundation for a more water-sensitive city in years to come, the city said.


Picture: Pixabay

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