Get ready for summer Cape Town, Monday’s temperature is expected to peak at 35°C, and the six day weather forecast indicates sweltering heat ranging from 30°C upwards for the week ahead.

The South African Weather Service has forecast a week full of sunshine for the Mother City, making it the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors. Take extra precautions when you are in the sun.

Expected temperatures: 

South African Weather Service Report, City of Cape Town forecast.

Don’t let the heat dampen your spirit, make sure you are well hydrated throughout. Here are some important tips to get through this week.

1. Stay hydrated

Drink lots of water, as the weather warms up, rising temperatures can cause sunstroke if not adequately hydrated.

Carry a small bottle of water with you, ensuring you always have easy access to it. Avoid drinking an excess of alcoholic or sugary beverages as this can contribute to dehydration.

Cool off with a delicious ice cream cone.

2. Lather on sunscreen

Sunscreen protection is a must, whether you are making a trip to the beach or going hiking or spending any time at all in the sun. It is important to avoid sunburn which can cause skin damage and more serious conditions like skin cancer. Try and stay cool in shaded areas or by wearing a sun hat.

3. Veld fires 

Ensure that all cigarette butts are disposed off appropriately to prevent dangerous veld fires. Do not create open fires in non-designated areas such as open fields. Locals are advised to employ water saving measures regardless of high temperatures, to maintain dam levels.

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