Recent weather conditions have led to an abundance of rainfall, which has led to the dam levels reaching a stable state, but how else does the wintry weather affect Capetonians?

When we commute, take a walk or go hiking, the weather plays a big part in how we fare, with many accidents caused directly by certain weather conditions. Focusing on preventing incidents related to wet roads, high-speed winds, snow or extreme cold states from happening could save you medical costs, or even your life. Below are tips on getting through the winter safely, whether you’re driving, hiking or just taking a walk.

Drive with caution

Wet and windy weather causes difficult driving conditions and motorists should drive at designated speeds during such times. Here’s how to stay safe on the road this winter:

  1. If you find yourself in a icy situation it is important that you check and clean your mirrors and windscreen: taking a rough cloth and wiping the build up from the surface, before your start your car.
  2. Before you take off it is vital that you ensure that all your cars lights are working.
  3. Get your tyres looked at and have them replaced when it should be, tread usually lasts three to four years, but have them checked occasionally depending on how often you use your car.
  4. Cold, wet weather means you always end up with a foggy windscreen, wipers and washers ensures that you can have a clear view of the road ahead. Make sure that your car’s washer is filled with the appropriate cleaning agent and that the windscreen wipers are still in working condition.
  5. Make sure that all your heating equipment is fully functional, defrosters are important when driving in cold conditions.
  6. Have a look at the cooling system, use antifreeze to ensure that the system does not freeze.
  7. Maintain a safe following distance at all times.

If you’re going hiking or walking, consider these safety tips:

  1. Always dress warmly to avoid getting a cold.
  2. Avoid areas that have dams or rivers running through .
  3. When you go hiking in adverse conditions make sure you have more than one person tagging along on the journey.
  4. Hike when the sun is at it’s highest point, after sunset the temperatures can turn freezing.
  5. Always wear a beanie or some form of clothing to keep your head warm.
  6. Take an uphill trail to keep the circulation going.
  7. Make sure that you stay hydrated.

There are six weeks of winter left, enjoy it, and do it safely.

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