South African vegetation is prone to catching alight and fire season begins as soon as temperatures start soaring towards the mid to high thirties. Several fires have been burning across the country, including the Eastern Cape and Gauteng, but the fires that ravage the Western Cape hit much closer to home.

The South African Weather Services released a severe weather warning for Saturday and Sunday, saying the dangers of more fires breaking out is increasingly high in parts of the Western Cape.

Areas such as George, Vermaaklihheid on the Garden Route, and Tulbagh have been hit hard by blazes in the past seven days.

“We want to urge the public to help us in reducing the risk for fires, especially in our outdoor areas where the fires can get out of control very quickly. So, the public is urged to be very vigilant; don’t start fires in natural areas, don’t burn rubbish, be careful when you’re working with mechanical equipment in a veld, it can cause sparks,” spokesperson for Local Government, Environmental Affairs and Development Planning MEC Anton Bredell, James-Brent Styan, said to EWN.

A fire in Herold on the Garden Route has caused such a massive blaze, and large volumes of smoke as a consequence, that its billowing clouds were caught on NASA satellite images.





Picture: Pixabay

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