Woodstock Brewery has been repurposed to serve as a soup kitchen. On May 11, the brewery announced on Facebook that they would be taking this project on.

Now the operation is in full swing and have already begun to to feed those in need.

Their plans, however, have been in the pipeline since the end of March.

Using the equipment they had on site for brewing beer, the owner and his team are preparing about 15 000 to 20 000 meals, six days a week, according to IOL. The communities being served by this project, thus far, are those in Khayelitsha, Nyanga, Gugulethu, Philippi, and Delft.

On their donation page, they explain that the lockdown has caused not only a lack of beer and a limitation to making a living, but a dire situation for those who were struggling even before the lockdown.

“The situation has become critical. You’ve seen the dejection on the faces of our neighbours in Khayelitsha, Gugulethu, Langa, Dunoon on the news. You’ve read the stories all over your timeline. You know what starvation and desperation can do to someone who had the bare minimum to start with.

“If you’re like most of us you’ve been sitting safely at home, doing what you can to get by, and waiting for an opportunity to make a difference.”

The Brewery added that they are providing citizens with the opportunity to help. “We’ve turned our Woodstock Brewery into a soup kitchen. All we need to feed tens of thousands of Saffers is you.”

According to the Brewery, they are purchasing ingredients from local, sustainable farms. They also have the support of Mayor Dan Plato and the Western Cape Government who are assisting with distribution.

Woodstock Brewery, however, is not the only one in on the soup making action. Other breweries such as Stellenbosch Brewery, Longbeach Brewery in Noordhoek, and Drifter Brewing Company are doing the same thing.

“Somebody within the government was looking to get people fed,” Munro explained to EWN.

“They ended up speaking to Andre and he said: ‘hey, I’ve got the biggest pots in Cape Town, I can make soup!'”

Donate to the Woodstock Brewery Soup Kitchen on Howler.

Picture: Facebook / Woodstock Brewery

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