Local doggie daycare and hotel, AtFrits, is getting bigger, better and more pawsitively pleasing then ever before with the opening of their new venue on Bree Street that now also accommodates cats.

Your furry friend’s new home away from home is now the biggest dog hotel in the world, earning its place in Guinness Book of Records with it’s new 2 400m² Bree Street location.

Owner and founder, Yanic Klue, first dreamt of creating a “Pet Heaven on Earth” when she was just a student.

“In my MBA year I was sitting in a lecture hall and it hit me; I need to do something like this in South Africa. A lot of people don’t understand that pets are like your own children, so if you go away or need someone to look after them it can be really stressful. Thus, AtFrits was born,” says Klue.

Each room at AtFrits is carefully put together to provide each guest with the highest level of comfort and luxury served up with quirky themes, including HollyWoof, Jurassic Bark and Dognald Trump. 

Furry visitors can enjoy services like overnight stays in the dog dormitory, deluxe suites, platinum suites, doggy daycare and pet grooming. Owners can also curate their beloved pets’ stay to include mountain walks and one-on-one play sessions.

Other fun features include Doggy Dating, an Indoor Dog Park and a Dog Bar.

With the opening of their new venue AtFrits is able to accommodate many more furry friends each day.

“We used to only be able to accommodate 120-130 dogs per day at our old premises, but we can now host up to 350 dogs per day and 30 cats! We are beyond excited,” says Klue.


The AtFrits staff is highly trained and passionate about providing the best services to pets and owners alike.

“We know that a Pet Hotel makes people think that this is an extraordinarily fancy and haughty establishment, but that is not our goal at all! Quite the contrary, we want to provide urban people with a service that makes it a little easier for them to own pets in the big city. Most of our clients live in apartments, many of them without gardens, so atFrits really is like a home away from home for their pets,” says Klue.

One of the most exciting things about the new AtFrits development is the addition of a Cat Hotel, where particularly fussy furry friends can spend their time waited on paw and tail.

“We are incredibly excited to announce the opening of the AtFrits Cat Hotel. All of the cats that come to stay with us get their own plush suite, with lots of space to climb, scratch and have fun,” said Klue.

Cat heaven currently under construction.

Although all pet food is sourced from leading industry pet food producers such as Hillfs, Royal Canin, Montego, and more, parents are encouraged to bring their own food so that we can be sure their pet is getting the deliciousness they are accustomed to at home. 

Contact: 021 200 4244

Website: www.atfritsdoghotel.com


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