Anyone who has taken a liking to the bold and burning taste of brandy will tell you they’re never going back. Not only is it a beautiful drink, but it also has quite a few health benefits too!

Interestingly, brandy is technically wine. It is made from fermented fruit juice or distilled wine, and aged in oak barrels to increase the alcohol content. The name comes from the Dutch “brandewijn” which is also used in Afrikaans (“brandewyn”), meaning “burning wine”.

Here’s why it’s good for you.

According to Organic Facts, brandy can relieve respiratory issues such as coughing, and has excellent anti-inflammatory properties.  The high alcohol content eliminates bacteria and helps to loosen phlegm and mucus.

It also boosts the immune system and can aid in fighting the common cold.

If you have trouble getting some shuteye, brandy can help with a good night’s sleep.

Our favourite part of brandy? It contains absolutely no carbohydrates, making it one of the few things in life you can enjoy without having to worry about weight gain.

Remember, if you have any medical conditions or concerns, remember to consult a medical professional before consuming alcohol.

Excessive consumption of any alcohol has negative effects on health and can lead to substance dependency, liver failure and may lead to depression in genetically predisposed individuals, among other things.


Raise a glass to the many health benefits of wine

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