Burgers have come a long way since the standard thin beef patty slapped between two barely fresh buns. Nowadays, the varieties are endless, ranging from truffle burgers to ‘monster burgers’ to anything you can do with beef or chicken really.

What makes a good burger? The patty or the extra toppings? Here are a few mouthwatering burger joints in the Mother City you may want to check out if you haven’t already.

Hudson’s Burger Joint
Hudsons is a Cape Town favourite. Locals flock to this burger joint every weekend to get their fix of pure beef. You can swap out any patty for a different meat at no additional cost. Los Angeles meets the Mother City for a burger and fries. For R95 you can get The Player, a 180g Beef patty, topped with streaky bacon, feta cheese and avocado.

Open every day from 12pm – 11pm.
Car Main Road and Upper Portswood Road, Green Point
Ph: 021 4331496

Known for their Limited Editions, their ‘Smashburgers’ are sure to knock your stomach out of the park. This trendy restaurant has been garnering a loyal following of burger enthusiasts. Their ‘Smashburgers’ are the most popular items on the menu. Or fork out R75 and try the ‘Frankster’ – a 2 x 100g beef smash, with aged cheddar, caramelized onions and their Rocomayo sauce.   

Open every day from 10am – 10pm
107a Main Rd, Green Point
Ph: 021 433 2816

This Burger bar is known for their Colossus, the R84 burger is so big, it has its own hashtag! 4 x 100g beef patties (or two chicken fillets) with mozzarella, cheddar, lettuce, onions, tomato and gherkins. #Yum! All available in either a hand-pressed pure ground-beef patty or chicken fillet. Plus, everything on the menu is halaal.

Open every day from 10am – 7pm
V&A Food Market, Dock Rd, V&A Waterfront
Ph: 079 125 7228

The very enviro-foodie hotspot boasts delicious speciality inside out burgers. Each patty is filled with artisanal cheeses and other gourmet ingredients which includes cashews, brie cheese and chorizo. A local favourite is the R98 ‘Pulled Piggy’, a braised pulled pork cheddar patty, topped with more cheddar, an apple Dijon slaw and Whiskey BBQ sauce.

Open Monday – Saturday from 12pm – 10pm
103 Bree St, Cape Town
Ph: 021 422 1313

Neighborhood’s Nacho Burger is something to rave about. It is described as a beautiful mess of nacho chips, melted cheddar, jalapeños, salsa and guacamole. This chic and trendy venue is situated in Long Street.

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