You spend roughly 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week and 160 hours a month at your place of work, this in turn means that you also spend a lot of time (probably more than you would like) with the people in your place of work. The work space is filled with so many different types of people. Some are good, some are great and some are the bane of your existence. Here are some types of people that you may recognize from your own place of work.

  1. The Over-Sharer  


Telling you things you never knew, you didn’t want to know.

From strange personal habits and unusual private family occurrences to permanently scarring information that cannot be unheard.

If your work day was feeling bland, get your popcorn ready because The Over-Sharer is there to spice it up with a story about their grandmother bathing them at the ripe age of 21.

Most likely to become your best friend, since you now know too much already.


   2. The Food Friend 


Food always comes first and The Food Friend is always ready to pull one of the many packed delicacies they have brought to work that day from their seemly bottomless lunch box. From cupcakes and cookies to chips and snacks, the food friend has it all.

Mostly likely to fight you for the last slice of pizza at a work event.


3. The Smartie Pants 


Whether you were asking them a question or not The Smartie Pants is ready to answer at a seconds notice. Personally appointed at the authority on all things, the designated know it all seems to appear from thin air the second someone is asking an opinion.

Most likely to start a heated debate in the office.


4. The Office Alcoholic 


Either always hungover or about to go out and drink so much that they will be ‘babalas’ tomorrow. The Office Alcoholic is always trying to escape the current moment with a glass thats twice as full as it should be.

Most likely to throw their name away at an office party with drunken behavior.


5. The Underachiever  


Constantly avoiding work while complaining about having too much work to do, The Underachiever, does very little and achieves even less.

Often seen doing every and anything except getting work done while at the office.

Most likely to not reply to your email.


6. The Overachiever 


Always up for overtime, helping out or trying to sound intelligent very loudly whenever management is around. Known as the bosses pet and always arrives especially early to work in the morning.

Mostly likely to volunteer to arrange company events.


7. The Millennial


New to the working scene and full of energy and gusto not yet tainted by the working world. The Millennial is highly tech savvy and has a number of unusual interested you didn’t even know existed.

Most likely to suggest a new social media network you haven’t heard about.

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