A sugar-fuelled diet was not always frowned upon. Nothing brings back the nostalgia of childhood like eating the sweet treats of yesteryear.

Here is a list of candy we all loved, and hope to never forget.

Candy sticks or “cigarettes”

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While smoking is harmful to your health, candy cigarettes were all the rage years ago. The sticks of sweetness were addictive and while many adults banned children from eating them for fear it may influence them to smoke when they are older, this didn’t stop children from pretending to smoke the sticks.

Peanut-shaped sweets

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These were a popular favorite for sweets to share in church and were always expected to appear from a kind grandmother’s handbag, wrapped in a tightly-knotted tissue. Those with peanut allergies missed out.

Sherbet pops

Sherbet pops were a fun and deliciously sweet to indulge in, and is best remembered for its melt-in-your-mouth sensation.

Pixie Sticks

These long sticks of flavor were fun to try to empty out as soon as possible, and also provided entertainment as you were able to whack your friends with them.

Strawberry candy bon-bons

We’re not sure anyone knew what the name of this sweet was, but it was another favorite to be passed from the handbag of a grandmother or coddling aunt.

Lollipop rings

These fun and flashy rings had their vogue moment in pre-school proposals.

Gum chicles

Gum chicles were a firm favorite when stopping by any store that had a machine filled with them. You could throw in a coin of choice – usually a R2 – and receive enough to fill a bag.


These are a multi-generational favorite, known for their, sticky chewy goodness and variety of flavours. A popular option is to pop them in the refrigerator and snap them in half to share among friends.

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