South Africans enjoy celebrating good times with a drink in hand. Alcohol is banned under revised Level 3 lockdown yet many have been looking back on when it was available – especially the locally made Savanna.

Social media timelines have been filled with what is being called “the Savanna Challenge”. The challenge involves people dancing with bottles of the dry cider balanced on their heads, chins, backs and necks.

Representatives of the alcoholic beverage brand have distanced themselves from the challenge, calling it “irresponsible”.

“This challenge was initiated by consumers and uses the brand name in various hashtags, but is in no way initiated, supported or promoted by the Savanna brand,” said Eugene Lenford, Marketing Manager of Savanna. “We promote responsible drinking and encourage consumers to engage and continue to tag the brand on their responsible and safe memorable moments.
“We do not encourage binge drinking or any kind of risky behaviour and we ask that people pace themselves and know their limit. Due to the recent Alcohol Ban in Level 3 Lockdown the brand has paused all branded promotion across all channels. We will continue to monitor social media activity, and aim to maintain our efforts to drive responsible messaging and behaviour into 2021. We urge all South Africans to stay safe this festive season.”

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