When Formula 1 driver David Coulthard came to the Mother City to take part in the Cape Town Circuit we thought we had seen it all, but now a recent video shows Coulthard racing with a taxi – and it’s one hell of a show.

Aston Martin Red Bull Racing brought Formula 1 fever to the streets of Cape Town, but not all its residents were easily infected. Around these parts, taxis rule the asphalt, and Scotsman David Coulthard was forced to earn his wings in a tongue-in-cheek race around the city.

In the epic video, Coulthard goes head to head with a taxi driver. Youngster CT even makes a surprise appearance and his song ‘In the Cape of Good Hope’ is the soundtrack to the intense race.

Green lights mean go in the CBD and the flying Scotsman, accustomed to the five red lights, was already at a disadvantage as the minibus disappeared into the inner-city labyrinth. As the clip starts, Coulthard’s smooth skills are no match for street smarts of the local taxi driver and his gaatjie, but in the end the Scotsman’s prowess is just too much for our homeboy’s tactics.

The video particularly speaks to Capetonians; you can recognise local streets and places along the way, as well as enjoy a number of cultural references.

Cape Town loves to put on a show for incoming visitors, and the taxi team represents the warm Mzansi spirit of Ubuntu. Local comedian Jason Goliath does a sterling job as the taxi driver and is partnered brilliantly with Sne Dladla as the gaatjie.

Don’t take our word for it, though; watch the video below:

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