The days, weeks and months in our lives come and they go, but every now and then there are moments that are memorable, and that make a day stand out from the rest and leave us feeling good.

In memory and appreciation of those moments, we’ve put them down in writing so as never to be forgotten.

1. When It Rains


For many rain can be a bit of a drain but in Cape Town when it actually rains according to the forecast, its like we are born anew.

On top of filling up our dams, rain also offers us a pretty good excuse to stay in bed or cancel plans we were hoping we didn’t have to go through with in the first place. So when it rains, we’re hoping it pours.


2. The Gift Of Food


Just like there’s no place like home, there’s no gift like food. When someone comes around with a coffee just for you or a warm butter croissant filled with happiness, its going to be a memorable moment.

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but honestly no matter where you’re trying to get to, food is the way.


3. Rest After A Long Day


There’s no rest like the rest after a long day.

When the soft, sweet caress of your pillow finds your face as you flop over onto your bed and give into that itch you’ve been feeling all day to become a formless bed blob, that is inner peace.

There’s no moment as memorable as the one when you sleep so well that you wake up in the exact same position.


4. Finding Money


You reach down into the pocket of a jacket you haven’t worn in a while or a bag you last used month ago and BAMM!

It’s as though past you has left future you a gift and all at once your crushed dreams of that cappuccino you couldn’t afford a minute ago are reassemble themselves and all is right in the world.


5. When You Find A New Show You Love


There are so many series out there these days, but every now and then a show comes around that meets your every expectation.

When you sleep, you dream about it, when you’re at work you’re just waiting to get home already so you can watch it. Almost equally as great as finding a show you absolutely love is finding someone who loves it too and speaking about it way too much and then maybe going home and rewatching it like the TV junkie you totally aren’t.

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