We’ve all come to know and love South African internet sensation Suzelle DIY. Now, more than ever, we can afford some time to laugh a little while learning something new.

In a colourful-as-ever video, Suzelle shows viewers how to make this popular Japanese cuisine, proudly South African-style.

Sushi connoisseurs might have to look away for this one. Or, who knows, you might just fall in love? Suzelle does away with fish and rice, all the while dishing out clever remarks in her classic Afrikaans-goes-English accent.

The basics for this recipe are “mieliepap” (mealie porridge) and a boerewors sausage. The rest of the ingredients, as you’ll see, add colour and flavour to make a variety of different dishes. She even gets in some expert advice from Papa San, an expert sushi chef, who has been making sushi for 61 years.

Watch and learn:

Picture: Video screenshot


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Anita Froneman