There was once a man bored with the monotonous routine of daily life, he put out an ad for a nemesis on Gumtree. To this day, it remains the greatest ad I have ever read. He asked for someone to add some excitement to his life by doing little things, like tripping him while he ran for a Myciti bus, leaving a bag of dog poo on his door step and occasionally sneaking up behind him in a crowd and whispering mild threats in his ear.

This gave me and my friends a good laugh for a few days, but also made us realise that we also need some excitement in our lives. We too were stuck in a monotonous routine. Even going out had lost its excitement. Suddenly having a nemesis did not seem like a crazy idea. Well almost, who really wants to be tripped or sent poo? But the fact remains, we need to do something cool to reinvigorate us and I may have found the answer; A Murder Mystery Party!


There’s nothing like a bit of role play and a good puzzle to break out of boredom, and has made it so easy to host your own murder mystery party. They have crafted numerous games that you can choose from. They come complete with mystery invitations, mystery solution, character descriptions and clues.

Picture this:

You all arrive, dressed up to fit the theme of the night. Perhaps you have gone back in time, or to another country where you are all set for a great night out with friends when *gasp!* a body is found. Suddenly you have to figure out who among your party is the killer. Or maybe, you have to cover up your crime to avoid being caught…


If you are want to host a party, but don’t want to do any of the work, has a service package where they will come and take care of everything. All you have to do is show up and play! You can even have a personalised story written to make the night extra special. The parties are unscripted so once you have received your character description, you are free to be as creative and devious as you like.

There are two type of games to play. You can either play in groups, where each group is assigned the same character set. The inspector gives out clues to the room and suspects interrogate each other to see which one of them is the murderer. You can also divide the whole party into detectives and suspects. It really depends on the nature of your party. The games are designed for 8, 10 and 12 people but adjustments can be made if necessary.

Murder-mystery-3 also host ‘open to the public’ murder mystery events once a month in Cape Town. You can enjoy a delicious meal, a saucy mystery and a night filled with fun. For dates and venues of events check out

There is no doubt that my next party will be full of fun and intrigue thanks to a little murder mystery. Finally, I can put all those hours I spent watching CSI and Sherlock, trying to solve the cases to good use!

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