Presenter, actor, model, blogger, emcee, Keegan Basil is a multitalented force to be reckoned with. Known for The KeeganB Show on Hashtag Radio, he is constantly working hard to inspire. We caught up with up Keegan to find out how he got into radio, his show and future plans.

How did you get into radio?

After starting a Non-Profit Organisation with a good friend of mine, the initiative grew tremendously and we were asked to come and share our story on air at Hashtag Radio, which was our first major media coverage opportunity. The interview went so well that I was then offered an opportunity to host my own show, which I fully invested into and gave it the name ‘The Keegan B show’, which up until today is such a blessing and an honour.


Where can we listen to your show and how did you choose this platform?

Hashtag Radio is an online station, and can be tuned in via our Playstore app called ‘hashtagradio’ or alternatively through our online media player I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to pioneer my very own show so that was enough for me to choose this platform.

What is your show about?

The KeeganB show is a talk show that gives listeners raw insight as to how people have found their path to success by showcasing their success stories and tracking their journeys. We are creating role models for our listeners to aspire to be like.

What inspires you and your work?

I am inspired by everyone who is chasing their dream each and every day, no matter their circumstances, no matter their hurdles. It warms my heart witnessing the love and passion they have regardless of these obstacles.

Who is your favourite Capetonian singer/band? 

I must say there is definitely more than one, but just to name a few; Acoustic Element, Born of June, GraceTown, Jimmy Nevis, Chad Saaiman, Lana Crowster and the list goes on. Although they are not Capetonian, I also love Mi Casa.


Who has been your favourite Capetonian to interview? 

Honestly they have all been really enjoyable and unique to their own, but if I must choose it would most certainly be Tracy Lange from Heart 104.9fm

Worst/funniest things that happened on air?

Every time I’m on air I seem to either embarrass myself by saying something inappropriate or my guests find a way to catch me off-guard and that turns into a major 5 minute chuckle, but I have to go with my one word game that I play on air with my guest. It’s the most thrilling part of the show.

What are your top three winter activities (or places) in Cape Town?

I like to keep active in winter so I must say the gym, I’ve yet to try RUSH indoor trampoline park, but I’ll surely enjoy that and then the cinema for an excuse to stuff my face with popcorn and chocolates while enjoying really good movies.


Please share some advice for aspiring radio presenters

Aspiring presenters should always remain dreamers, never stop dreaming and persevering, it’s what’s going to give you the ability to want to succeed at what you do. Remember that HARD WORK is important, there are so many personalities out there, how is your personality different to the rest. Stay true to your BRAND. You are your brand.

What’s your dream job?

My dream job is to have ‘The KeeganB Show’ aired on television and be the first of its kind in Africa.


Listen to The KeeganB Show on Hashtag Radio on Mondays and Wednesday at 12 noon – 2 pm and Fridays at 10 am – 12 pm. He will also be joining Mi Casa in the Western Cape leg of their Sho’t Left tour, where the band will be travelling around SA exploring all the great things their country has to offer. 

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