I’ve been crazy about magic ever since I was a toddler when my uncle pulled a coin out my ear. Not much has changed, I still get ridiculously excited about magic. This may be due to my slight obsession with Harry Potter (all hail JK Rowling), but there’s just something incredible about illusions. They amaze, they amuse and they also help you believe in the extraordinary.


If ever there was a day when we need that extra belief, it’s a Monday. What better way to get through the world’s least favourite day than with the promise of a delightful evening filled with magic? Thankfully the Cape Town Magic Club has sprung up to add some wonder to our Mondays. It is the first ever dedicated magic theatre in the country, and it’s about time we got treated to something so wonderful.


Located in the Cape Town Club, the magic begins from the moment you arrive. Firstly, you get to enter the historically rich and elite club which is a thrill in itself. Then you are greeted by a cheerful woman decked out in fabulous 1920s vintage fashion. Once your ticket is scanned, another beautiful woman escorts you to the theatre that is (hold for dramatic pause) behind a seemingly ordinary bookshelf! The second she opened the concealed door I knew I was in for something special.


As you enter, you are transported back in time. You walk into a dimly lit ‘saloon’ that has soft swing music playing in the background and vintage posters of famous musicians on the wall. The space is small and intimate. It makes you feel as if you are part of a super cool secret society. You can relax in the saloon, grab a drink and mingle with the magicians before and after the show.


When the show started, I was in the front row. This made me a prime target for volunteering, but I was so excited that I didn’t care. Seven magicians, each with their specialities are on rotation for the shows. I was treated to performances by the witty Marcel Oudejans, the incredibly talented Mawonga Gayiya and the legendary Robin Boltman.


The great thing about magic shows is you get two shows in one; comedy and illusions. The whole night was filled with gasps, whispers and laughter. At times, we weren’t sure want we saw, but man did we get a kick out of seeing it. I lost count of how many times my jaw dropped during the show. It was just awesome. The magicians are not only incredible entertainers (magic and otherwise), they have such high energy that they pass on into the crowd. It is something you need to experience for yourself to understand.

For a glimpse into this fantastic club, check out the video below:

When Monday 4 April – 6 June 2016 at 6 pm
Where Cape Town Club, 18 Queen Victoria Street, CBD
Cost R150 at Quicket
Contact +27 83 229 9550, [email protected]www.magic.capetown

Photography courtesy Annzra Denita


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